Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the Executive Board Programme.

Betina Nygaard

CEO, Scanmarket

“The Executive Board Programme is at a very high level and the professors and experts are extremely skilled. The academic level is high, but is nevertheless served in a down-to-earth manner. It is not just theories that “fly around the room”, but we are continuously presented for cases that illuminate and support relevant issues. In short, I am really excited about the program.

The program has given me an important helicopter perspective on my board work in general, and I have got some very concrete takeaways that I can use directly in my own boardroom. I must give a huge compliment to the networking aspect of the program. There was created a familiarity and an openness that I have not experienced elsewhere.”

Dorthe Håhr Dupont

Head of Nordea Ventures, Nordea

“The Executive Board Programme INSEAD is a board education at a high academic level, and I have gained a lot from the program. The program’s international focus was important to me, as I work with boards in a number of different countries and thus must be able to handle board work in an international context.

The teaching at INSEAD was unsurpassed, and Professor Stanislav’s passion and broad experience in board work have really given me valuable knowledge. I have become sharper and have gained a greater understanding of the demands, responsibilities and duties in the board work. Finally, I have got a fantastic network of like-minded board members.

Executive Board Programme INSEAD

Allan Karlsen


The Executive Board Programme INSEAD is a very inspiring board education at a high academic level. The program, both for the professional content, the teachers and the practical implementation, was really perfect.

Personally, I have an ambition, within the foreseeable future, to move from the role as CEO to a position as board member. In this context, the program has provided me with a good foundation for taking the next important step.

I have gained important knowledge about the corporate governance model, the legal and regulatory aspects, and the role of the Board of Directors in relation to the Executive Board. I also greatly appreciated the many good and tangible cases that were presented and not least the simulation, where we actually held a very concrete and real-life board meeting.

The sessions with Stanislav Shekshnia and the other professors at INSEAD are perhaps some of the best teaching experiences I have had, and internally within the group we also had some really good discussions and sparring about board topics.

In a network perspective, the program has been a great success for me.”

Executive Board Programme INSEAD

Michael Bindseil

Regional Vice President, COWI

The Executive Board Program INSEAD is – without comparison – the best boarding training I have attended. Both modules were absolutely fantastic. Not least, the topic of how to get a board to cooporate with the company’s CEO was very exciting. But also the teaching of shareholder value was really an eye-opener. The general academic level and the level of the teachers were very impressive. It is not often that you exprience an education where and think that this was perfect, but this is my conclusion in this case.

I have gained new knowledge that I can apply immediately in a couple of the boards I sit in internally in COWI.”

Lise Vestergaard

Executive Business Consultant, Vestergaard Consulting

“I have enjoyed the Executive Board Programme INSEAD very much and I am very satisfied. I advise both management groups and boards in my consulting business, and in that context I needed new inspiration and knowledge within some international framework.

Besides getting the legal rules in place, I was strengthened in the elements that contribute to effective board work and create the best conditions for making some qualitative decisions.

I was especially inspired by – and strengthened in the areas that covered diversity, group dynamics in the boards, the insight into the hidden traps in decision making and risk minimization, as well as the long-term shareholder value creation in various company forms.

All in all I return home with lots of inspiration, an upgraded toolbox and a fantastic network of talented people with different approaches and experiences. The international professors and lecturers had an inspiring approach to the board work, and the program’s simulations of realistic “business cases” along the way gave a very good connection between theory and practice.