Three days at INSEAD in France

With the Advanced Board Programme you are inspired and prepared for the future

Advanced Board Programme INSEAD is a unique board training programme at the highest level, which aims to develop the mindset and competencies of board members and chairmen.

The board training programme runs over three days at INSEAD, and gives you a unique opportunity to strengthen your board’s professional skills, while at the same time preparing you for future challenges in relation to board work.

Programme Director Stanislav Shekhsnia about the Programme


Day 1

This session explores the nature of director independence. It examines the constraints to independence and the signs that directors must be aware of and which may represent an erosion of independence. We will discuss board practices that will maximise the conditions for non-executive directors to exercise independence effectively and the specific practices they need to display. We will also review how directors can develop independence of judgment. The session will be highly interactive with participants being a key part of exchanging their experiences and practice.

We will also discuss what environmental, economic, social and political trends will define the future of humankind, how they impact individual businesses and how boards should take them into account. We will talk about population growth, climate change, shortage of natural resources such as clean water and air, economic globalization and political nationalism, growing inequality in income distribution, raise of new global powers and other trend.

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Day 1

  • Director’s independence

  • Theory, reality

  • Practice

Day 2

Digitalization has become a buzz word, it’s hard to find a company which is not undertaking a digital transformation these days. Where is the place of a board of directors in all this? Our research shows some boards deny that they need to make any changes to their workings, others are lost in how to do it, while some boards take on the challenge and reform themselves.

In this session we will discuss what impact does digitalization have on boards and what strategies the latter should use to stay ahead of the game, among them increased attention to a large environment, redefinition of strategy as a continuous conversation between board and management, development of change management as a core organizational capability, and acquisition of digital expertise at the board level.


Day 2

  • Digitalization and boards

  • Threats

  • Opportunities

Day 3

We will discuss three major areas of a board chair’s work: how to lead a board, how to manage stakeholders, how to deal with CEO and senior executives. As the chair of the board, you must strike a balance between authority and facilitation; you must articulate your own views whilst encouraging others to give theirs; and you must maintain your confidence as a leader when faced with strong-willed individuals and conflict. This highly interactive and challenging half-day session will explore practical techniques and behaviours for managing boardroom dynamics and effective chairmanship.

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Day 3

  • Effective chair

  • Leading a board, engaging shareholders

  • Collaborating with executives

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