Executive Management Programme INSEAD

An International Management Programme for Executives who wants to strengthen the business strategy, business model and competitive situation.

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The Executive Management Programme INSEAD is an international management programme for executives, providing you with the latest knowledge and useful tools to develop and strengthen your business strategy, business model and competitive situation.

The programme seeks to cast a spotlight on the way senior leaders strategically and insightfully exercise their leadership, behaviours and judgement at every level.

The programme has an innovative learning approach with an applied problem-solving orientation. It aims to empower the next generation of well-rounded, agile-thinking and innovative leaders who are ready to make a positive impact in today’s society.

You will get new approaches to working with strategy, innovation and management. There is a particular focus on understanding how significant trends such as technology and digital business models as well as sustainability change the rules of the game and the opportunities in many industries. You will be able to implement the decisions that can put you one step ahead of the competition, or perhaps devise completely new and unique business models.

You will learn from award-winning faculty and interact with fellow students from Denmark and Norway.  This is a journey that starts with who you are, and leads to what you want to achieve.

Prepare your organization for the future

Develop your people, transform your organization

The Program is also an obvious opportunity for management teams and directors who want a consistent frame of reference and approach to solving the company’s strategic challenges. There is the opportunity to have more participants from the same company in the same team or to send team or board members to the training in smaller groups or individually.

You empower your people to realize your organization’s ambition by developing their capabilities in areas such as strategy, innovation and leadership. The top team cannot succeed alone. You energize and align your people around a shared commitment moving forward.

Dates and fees

Participant Profile

The Executive Management Programme is designed for executives at or very near the top of their organisations such as senior executives, including CEOs, COOs, CFOs and heads of product divisions, geographical regions or other major business units within the private or public sectors.

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Advantages of the Executive Management Programme

  • an international senior education program adapted to Scandinavian leadership, culture and learning style
  • teaching of internationally recognized professors and leading business professionals. Read more about the faculty
  • to create a sustainability foundation for your business
  • get a new approach to business development in the light of industry and societal changes
  • achieve new knowledge about strategy, innovation and management in a concrete and current context
  • confidentiality with the development and application of new business models in a current context
  • a solid foundation for updating your company’s current strategy and business model
  • new tools to identify and develop your company’s unique competitive advantages
  • improve your ability to design effective alliances, and acquire frameworks for partner selection, ecosystem development and alliance design
  • tools to enhance innovation processes throughout the company
  • a professional network and a common frame of reference with other top executives –  the Executive Forum

Programme Director and Professor

Andrew Shipilov is professor of strategy at INSEAD and programme director at the Executive Management Programme. He is an expert in strategy, innovation and networking and researches, among other things, how social networks, strategic alliances and partnerships affect companies’ competitive advantages. Professor Shipilov has since 2010 been the academic director of INSEAD’s Blue Ocean Strategy Program.

Read more about the professors and lecturers at the Executive Management Programme INSEAD.


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