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2022 -  Advanced Board Programme
Module 123 - 25 August 2022INSEAD, France

Tuition fee and other expenses

Tuition: € 6080
Hotel, accommodation and taxi: € 1,046

Application procedure

To apply for admission please fill out the application form.

The Advanced Board Programme is an advanced board education which requires certain level of experience and maturity. It is designed for chairs and directors of listed and private corporations, government agencies and organisations, and non-profits. Experience of an independent director is a prerequisite for this course. Graduates from Executive Board Programme are exempt from this requirement.

Typical participant profiles are:

  • Past participants in our Executive Board Programme INSEAD
  • Chairman of the Board and members of private companies, public organizations and non-profit companies that already have relevant experience from several board positions
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Accommodation is pre-arranged  at a hotel close to INSEAD Campus, which is located 65 km South of Paris surrounded by the forest of Fontainebleau

Please arrange travel to arrive at the location specified in the evening before program start-up.


We book your taxi to and from Charles de Gaulle when we know your flight schedule. The transport time from Charles de Gaulle to Fontainebleau is app. 1.5 hours.