SEI – INSEAD International Management Certificate

The SEI – INSEAD International Management Certificate is a formal recognition that you have undergone a development in the areas of global management and board work. The certificate gives you the opportunity to strategically plan your development needs at a pace that suits your career development.

In today’s changeable, globalized and competitive business world, it is essential to keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and the latest tools in order to handle the challenges and opportunities that arise along the way. Together with INSEAD, the Scandinavian Executive Institute has developed a program concept, SEI – INSEAD International Management Certificate, aimed at ambitious managers, top managers and board members who want extensive knowledge in global management and leadership as well as board work.

The Programme is for you who want to keep up with the times and who has a desire to develop your own leadership career – professionally as well as personally.

After completing your education, you will receive an education certificate from Scandinavian Executive Institute and IMD.

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Criteria for obtaining the certificate

To obtain an International Management Certificate, one must meet the following criteria:

  • Have participated in at least two executive programs from the Scandinavian Executive Institute
  • Have participated in an INSEAD Executive Education program
  • The programs must be completed during a 4-year period
  • The programs must have a minimum duration of 15 days

These programs, which are run in collaboration between the Scandinavian Executive Institute and INSEAD, qualify for the certificate:

The executive programs you can choose from at INSEAD are the following: