Faculty – Advanced Board Programme INSEAD

Stanislav Shekshnia


Stanislav Shekshnia is Program Director at the Advanced Board Program and Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD. Shekshnia has worked as a top manager for 10 years and subsequently as an entrepreneur in France, USA, Russia and Central Europe.

His combination of experience from a wide range of international boards with extensive research provides practical inspiration for participants in his programs. He is program director for the Executive Board program INSEAD as well as the Leading from the Chair Program at INSEAD and has published many books on management and board work.

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Sameer Hasija

Dean of Executive Education, Professor of Technology and Operations Management

Sameer’s teaching focuses on using types of processes to accelerate innovation. Using a systematic analysis of processes within and across the company’s traditional boundaries, he highlights the role that innovation plays in creating new business models and/or optimizing competitive positioning for existing business models.

Sameer is the Dean of Executive Education at INSEAD and therefore participates in only a few selected programs and it is a privilege to have him in the Advanced Board Programme INSEAD.

Subramanian Rangan


Subramanian Rangan is a professor of strategy and management at INSEAD and teaches at the Advanced Board Program. He is an expert in global strategy and management, international business economics and multinational companies and holds board positions in a wide range of companies and organizations.

Rangan, among other things, works with capitalism in a future perspective, and specifically how companies can become better at integrating performance and progress. In 2013, he also initiated the Society for Progress, a community of prominent philosophers, sociologists and business leaders. The above work has, among other things, led to the publication of two books on the subject.

Rangan originally holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a Ph.D. in political economy from Harvard University.

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