Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the Executive Management Programme

Jonas Dahl

Hospital Director, Randers Regional Hospital

Jonas Dahl, who is hospital director at the Randers Regional Hospital, an emergency hospital with 1,800 employees and an annual budget of DKK 1.1 billion, has just completed the Executive Management Program INSEAD.

– I wanted a theoretical insight into the world I deal with for everyday life, with management, strategy and communication as the focal point. However, it was important to me that it was a practically applicable and case-based education, which I had heard was the case, explains Jonas Dahl.

He emphasizes, among other things, the high level of the professors and the positive aspects with a new and fruitful network of like-minded people.


– I experienced that the academic level of the teachers and professors was extremely high, but that was also the case for the other participants in the program. They represent a large bouquet of professions, and you should not underestimate how important it is to get knowledge and contacts into other industries. It was extremely exciting and inspiring to hear about other people’s challenges in relation to strategy, management and communication – and interestingly, that it is not so different, depending on whether you come from a private or public company. There was tremendous willingness to listen to and learn from each other, and it provides a really good and strong learning environment, says the hospital director and continues:

– I have, to a very high degree, gained a professional boost, which I feel I can spend for many years to come. One of my keylearings is clearly related to management communication, where we had an excellent session that was “second to none”. But also the learning about innovation and innovative design as well as strategy implementation has given me something in the backpack that I can use directly in my job. Last, but certainly not least, the learning and the fantastic network I have had with the other participants is eminent. Well, I have got more and more than I expected, ”concludes Jonas Dahl.

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Malene Kjær

Global Marketing Director, Uhrenholt A/S

“For Malene Kjær, who is Global Marketing Director at Uhrenholt, the Executive Management Program has been a very exciting journey, both academically and personally.

– I had reached a point in my career, where I wanted a professional boost and the opportunity to polish my strategic, innovation and management level. The program has greatly developed me both professionally and personally, and after I have returned home I have been invited within the group management in Uhrenholt. Thus, the program has given me the last injection in relation to the fact that I was prepared to take this step – I have been briefly and well dressed for the new role, says Malene Kjær.

According to Malene Kjær, the program has to a high degree lived up to expectations – both in relation to the academic level and the level of the teachers.


– I cannot remember before that I have experienced some professors who have been as profoundly professional, fascinating and inspiring as the ones I found on the Executive Management Program INSEAD. They have a tremendous ability to present some theories and pull them into something that can be put into practice. In this way, the theory is made tangible and directly applicable in one’s daily work, she says and continues:

– A lot of participants were really good, and I’ve got a very invaluable network to draw on. The whole process has, to a very high degree, lived up to expectations, and it also suited me very well that it was a concentrated course that was affordable over time in combination with a demanding job. This is a process that I will have no hesitation in recommending to others in my situation – it has been worth all the time, Malene Kjær concludes. “

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Mikael Justesen

Managing Director, TV2 Nord

“For Mikael Justesen, getting ripped up in some habits and mindset was an important reason for choosing to participate in the Executive Management Program INSEAD.

– I needed to get new inspiration and immerse myself and then the course as an opportunity to spend time for myself. One of my main tasks in everyday life is to see new opportunities and give inspiration to my employees, so that the prospect of being inspired by the “best” within the management and strategy area, notably in a compressed course, played an important role for me. , says Mikael Justesen in TV2 Nord.

According to Mikael Justesen, the process has already characterized the strategic work in the company.


– There are a number of very specific things that have become different in TV2 Nord’s strategy due to this program. I have got a back catalog and a new mindset to solve specific issues, and it has really been good. In addition, the teachers and professors are insanely proficient, really in top class. They are very knowledgeable and have a tremendous ability to convey this knowledge – a combination that is in nothing less than world class, says Justesen.

The program has also been a success in a network perspective.

– We all came from very different companies, both in terms of industry and size, but ALL had something to contribute, and I think that the level of fellow students was very high. There are many I will keep in touch with in the future, concludes Mikael Justesen. ”

Ole Skatka Jensen

CEO, Auramarine

“For Ole Skatka Jensen, who is top manager in Auramarine, a company that works with fuel processing systems within the shipping and power plant industry, it was also a need to be dressed for the challenges of the future, which were crucial for his participation.

– We are currently undergoing a lot of changes, and in January we are going to work with new strategies, among other things in relation to Blue Ocean. I therefore had a need to be inspired and get some new tools and ideas to work with in relation to this forthcoming strategy work. Moreover, we are a high-tech company, and it is therefore extremely important for us to be part of the “beat”, and in this context getting some new innovation tools made available also an important motive for me, says Ole Skatka Jensen.

According to Skatka Jensen, his expectations for the program were largely met.


– The strategy part has been a focus area for me, and I have got many tools that I can use directly in my work. The innovation part was also superb and has given me many new inputs that enable me to work much more structured with innovation together with my management team. I had high expectations for the program, as I have a former colleague who has participated. These were completely honored – the course has been absolutely outstanding, and I will also consider participating in the Executive Board Program Executive Board Program and the Executive Forum Learning Forum for the future, highlights the Auramarine Manager.

But also the networking aspects have played a very important role.

– In terms of networking, this has been absolutely superb. The unity we had was eminent and closer than anything I’ve experienced before. It is not just the level of education that is very high – the same goes for those who participate. So for me, who is in a foreign company, it is extremely rewarding also to have established a good and strong Danish network, ”concludes Ole Skatka Jensen.

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Lykke Holmkvist

Deputy Director, FTFa

“For Lykke Holmkvist, who is Deputy Director of FTFa, it was a wish for a stronger professional foundation that was the reason for participating in the top management program.

– After some years when my area of ​​responsibility has been gradually expanded, I felt a need to get some more tools in relation to my management work and business development in general. I would like to get some inspiration and some new trends and generally get my strategic and managerial skills cleaned. In addition, it was essential for me that the education program was conducted in a professional and international environment, something that INSEAD can very much live up to, she says.

She emphasizes, among other things, the positive aspects with a new and fruitful network of like-minded people.


– I have, to a very high degree, filled up the toolbox with some useful tools, and I have put these tools into some theoretical frameworks that have made my professional foundation considerably stronger. The professors are tremendously skilled at conveying and cutting things to fit in with our businesses, and they have an international perspective that one does not find at home. On the personal level, the program has given me a huge inspiration in my daily work, and in relation to the network-related aspects, it has been absolutely fantastic. I have been in contact with some people I can spar with at a level that I have not previously had access to – some I can “mirror myself in”, says Lykke Holmkvist and continues:

– In short, I have gained a boost and an inspiration to work in new ways and to use new working methods. I have been equipped to be more innovative, create new products and services for our customers, go new ways and set things up in a “higher gear”. And then I have got a “checklist” that enables me to evaluate and evaluate the actions we do – what we do right, and what we might do better, concludes the deputy director in FTFa.