Executive Education for top management

To have great business vision is not always enough. You need to become a visionary leader. You need to be able to inspire your people, invent new possibilities and shape the future.


The Executive Management Programme INSEAD is an executive education designed for top management in cooperation with the international business school INSEAD.

The programme equips you with the tools you need to develop a successful  strategy for your organisation. It provides you with new skills and tools along with practical knowledge to turn strategic ideas into actions for your business or organisation.

You will meet some of the world’s leading professors, who will give you the latest knowledge in the classical management disciplines strategy, innovation and leadership.

Please note that the Executive Management Programme is a modular programme and as such is divided into 3 modules – 4 days each. You will attend 1 module in Denmark and 2 at INSEAD in France.


Executive education management


Module 1

Applying the most recent strategic tools |  Efficient innovation processes |  Successful leadership in a changing world

The first module provides a common platform for strategy, innovation and leadership, which form the foundation for the rest of the programme with a practically based understanding of the most prevalent movements.

The module gives you a practical insight and concrete knowledge of
how to formulate and execute strategies in your own company.

Moreover, the learning is centered around the identification and understanding of the dynamics that exist in successful companies and how you implement similar mechanisms in your own company. You will receive a powerful set of tools that can strengthen the innovation process and transcend the barriers that block for valuable innovation.

The first module renders an insight into how modern leaders manage the contemporary leadership related challenges in the best possible way. Focus is especially set on change management and how you can create the framework for optimal personal performance, efficient communication and inspiring leadership.

Dates and fees

Module 1

  • Duration: Four days

  • Topics: Strategy, innovation, leadership, communication
  • Location: Kolding, Denmark

Module 2

On module 2, we stick a shovel deeper into the fields of strategy and innovation. You will learn how to create unique competitive advantages for your business – in a world where new technologies and business models are constantly changing the conditions for success. You will also become acquainted with Blue Ocean Strategy, which is a set of methods that allow managers to systematically search for and identify innovative business opportunities. In short, Blue Ocean is about creating new demand and building unique competitive advantages – in a market that does not exist before.

Based on cases from successful and innovative companies, we also elucidate how you handle development projects so that they can form the basis of the strategy. You are provided with a number of tools and models to enable you to create an effective innovation process, guide it through the critical stages and implement the strategic innovations.


Module 2

  • Duration: Four days

  • Topics: Strategy and innovation

  • Location:  INSEAD, France

Project Assignment between modules 2 and 3

Between modules 2 and 3, you are part of a project group that must work together on a practical project task, which is based on a specific strategic case from one of your group members’ companies.

The purpose of the assignment is that you as a participant get the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge you have gained on the first two modules of the education – and use it to solve a specific challenge for a company. The project assignment is presented in module 3, where your group also receives feedback from the INSEAD teachers.

The collaboration around the project assignment gives you a unique opportunity to apply your new knowledge in practice. The diversity and dynamics of the group, together with each participant’s dedication to the project, very often results in a learning experience that you can benefit greatly from in the future.


Module 3

At Module 3, we will go into depth on how to build strategic alliances that fit your company’s strategic goals. You will also gain insight into how your company’s ability to build relationships with alliance partners and their value chain can prove to be a unique strategic competitive advantage.

The management section at INSEAD focuses on asking questions about some of the managerial mental models you have taken so far. You will be better at adapting your decisions to the situation as well as understanding how both you and your employees react in a stressful situation. In addition, you will be better at seeing complex issues in a larger perspective.
Finally, you will become familiar with some of the methods we can use to cultivate the immunity that is within ourselves and our employees against change.


Module 3

  • Duration: Four days

  • Topics: Strategic alliances and leadership

  • Location: INSEAD, France

Executive education management

Join the Executive Forum

Executive education for top management

Executive Forum is an exclusive learning forum for those who want to focus on and develop your managerial and strategic knowledge and competence.

In the Executive Forum you get unique knowledge and inspiration from professors from the internationally renowned business schools, IMD and INSEAD, who through four annual master classes give you insight into the latest research, the latest methods and the latest cases.

The forum is also a unique opportunity to stay in touch with former participants if you have participated in one of the Scandinavian Executive Institute’s educational programs.

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