Executive Education for top management

To have great business vision is not always enough. You need to become a visionary leader. You need to be able to inspire your people, invent new possibilities and shape the future.


The Executive Management Programme INSEAD is an executive education designed for top management in cooperation with the international business school INSEAD.

The programme equips you with the tools you need to develop a successful  strategy for your organisation. It provides you with new skills and tools along with practical knowledge to turn strategic ideas into actions for your business or organisation.

You will meet some of the world’s leading professors, who will give you the latest knowledge in the classical management disciplines strategy, innovation and leadership.

Please note that the Executive Management Programme is a modular programme and as such is divided into 3 modules – 4 days each. You will attend 1 module in Denmark and 2 at INSEAD in France.


Module 1 – Strategy and Leadership in a changing World

In the first module of the programme, INSEAD Professor Andrew Shipilov introduces some of the critical issues and challenges that managers must deal with when facing important strategic issues in their organizations. Why are some organizations consistently more successful than others? Why do some companies get ‘left behind’ when their environment changes, while others power ahead? How can managers evaluate the impact of technologies on their business in the face of intense competition and uncertainty? We will explore some of the critical questions and challenges that executives need to deal with when faced with such strategic questions for their organizations.

Then we get a practical angle from an experienced CEO and Chair who describes concrete practical cases from Danish and international companies, which provide a good link between theory and practice.

In addition, in module 1 we will introduce several concrete and practical tools so that participants will be able to bring a new initiative into play already after this module for the benefit of themselves, their employees and the company.

Dates and fees

Module 1

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Topics: Strategy and Leadership in a changing World
  • Location: Koldingfjord Hotel, Kolding, Denmark

Module 2 – Effective Strategy Processes and Innovation in a Digital Context

In module 2, we go deeper into the disciplines of strategy and innovation in a changing world. We work with Blue Ocean Strategy, which has been developed at INSEAD, and the last 15 years have revolutionized the way successful companies work with market differentiation and employee involvement in innovative strategy processes. We will then explore the latest innovation methods, and not least how to create the right connection between strategy and innovation. The goal is to create fast, agile, and customer-oriented innovation in a changing world characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and complexity.

In module 2, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in your own potential development projects, train how to pitch these in the organization to the board, investors or colleagues, as well as get input from teachers and fellow students. We then select a number of these projects that you will have the opportunity to work on between modules 2 and 3.


Module 2

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Topics: Effective Strategy Processes and Innovation in a Digital Context
  • Location:  INSEAD, France

Project Assignment between Modules 2 and 3

Between modules 2 and 3, you will be part of a project group that will work together on one of the above projects

The purpose of the assignment is that you as a participant will have the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge you have gained on the first two modules of the programme – and use it to solve a specific challenge for a company. The results of this work you and your group will share on module 3, where your group also receives feedback from the INSEAD teachers.

The collaboration around the project assignment gives you a unique opportunity to apply your new knowledge in practice. The diversity and dynamism of the group, together with each participant’s dedication to the project, very often results in a learning experience that you can benefit greatly from going forward.


Module 3 – Strategic Alliances and Executive Leadership

In the last module of the top management programme, you will have the opportunity to get even more in-depth with a number of topics. Firstly, we delve into how to integrate the circular economy and other sustainability elements into the strategic decisions. You gain a strong understanding of how your company can make a positive difference, and at the same time strengthen the company. We will also work with strategic alliances, which can help to accelerate your company’s strategic ambition. You will also gain insight into how your company’s ability to build relationships with alliance partners and their value chain can provide speed and weight that bring unique competitive advantages.

In module 3, we also review the cases that were selected and started on module 2.

Then we immerse ourselves in the challenges of executive leadership focusing on questioning some of the mental models you have taken for granted so far. Being a leader in a world that is complex and changing rapidly is challenging. You need to be both successful business-wise, and at the same time be the best version of yourself. You will have the opportunity to reflect on a number of the managerial dilemmas we face as top managers and leave the programme with new insight and serenity in relation to your future role.


Module 3

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Topics: Strategic Alliances and Executive Leadership
  • Location: INSEAD, France

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Executive education for top management

Executive Forum is an exclusive learning forum for those who want to focus on and develop your managerial and strategic knowledge and competence.

In the Executive Forum you get unique knowledge and inspiration from professors from the internationally renowned business schools, IMD and INSEAD, who through four annual master classes give you insight into the latest research, the latest methods and the latest cases.

The forum is also a unique opportunity to stay in touch with former participants if you have participated in one of the Scandinavian Executive Institute’s educational programs.

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