Advanced Board Programme INSEAD

A Board training programme in cooperation with INSEAD for Chairmen and Board Members

Advanced Board Programme INSEAD is an advanced board education that aims to develop the mindset and competencies of board chairmen and members.

The training takes place over three days at INSEAD, and gives you a unique opportunity to develop your board-related skills, while also preparing you for the challenges of the future in a world that offers constant change, increased uncertainty and endless digital transformation initiatives. In order to keep pace with developments, all these upheavals require that board chairmen and members are able to re-evaluate their roles, acquire new knowledge and unlearn old habits and routines.

Programme Overview

Benefits of the Advanced Board Programme

The program strengthens your board professional skills and gives you:

  • understanding the global environment in which your business operates and the trends that will impact this environment in the coming years
  • knowledge of digital technologies and how these will change the work of the board going forward
  • insight into what the idea of ​​board members’ independence entails, and how it is lived out
  • new insights into the role of the Chairman of the Board and not least how to create the framework for effective board work
  • An experience of the development of French management and governance models at the beautiful Chateau de Fontainebleau
2022 -  Advanced Board Programme
Module 123 - 25 August 2022INSEAD, France
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Participant Profile

The Advanced Board Programme is an advanced board education which requires certain level of experience and maturity. It is designed for chairs and directors of listed and private corporations, government agencies and organisations, and non-profits. Experience of an independent director is a prerequisite for this course. Graduates from Executive Board Programme are exempt from this requirement.
Typical participant profiles are:

  • Past participants in our Executive Board Programme INSEAD
  • Chairman of the Board and members of private companies, public organizations and non-profit companies that already have relevant experience from several board positions


Programme Director

Stanislav Shekshnia is the Program Director at the Advanced Board Program and Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD. Shekshnia has worked as a top manager for 10 years and subsequently as an entrepreneur in France, USA, Russia and Central Europe. Stanislav holds a master’s degree in economics, a Ph.D. from Moscow State University as well as an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston. Stanislav Shekshnia is also Director of the Leading from the Chair Program at INSEAD and has published numerous books on management and board work.

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Practical information

We make sure to book your stay as well as catering for your trip to INSEAD in France, where you will stay at one of INSEAD’s hotels near Campus. Hotel and catering are not included in the educational price, but are charged separately.

You arrange your own flight ticket to Paris and we will arrange your return trip to Charles de Gaulle according to your flight times. We recommend a variety of flight times for you to choose from. You will be picked up in the arrival hall by an INSEAD driver and brought to your hotel.

The training fee for the Advanced Board Program is DKK 42,000 ex. VAT. In addition, there are hotel, accommodation, transport costs in France and flight to Paris.


Before starting a new education, there are of course many questions that come up. How is the teaching going, who can help me with which questions and if I want to receive a certificate of education after completing the education, may be some of the questions you would like to answer. In this FAQ, we have compiled some of the most common questions that might help you on the way.

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