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INSEAD professor Daniel Simonovich

Daniel Simonovich

Programme Director
Affiliate Professor of Strategy, INSEAD

Daniel Simonovich is an Affiliate Professor of Strategy at INSEAD and is on of the professors in the strategy execution programme Leading Strategic Change.

He is a full professor at ESB Business School where he was Dean (one of Germany’s youngest) and university vice president. Prior to that he pursued a strategy consulting career at Booz & Company and as a management consultant specializing in change management consulting at CSC Index.

He has provided executive training and advisory to companies from a range of sectors including Roland Berger, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, EADS, Heidelberg Druck, MLP and Roche Diagnostics.

Daniel Simonovich holds a doctorate from EBS University in Germany, an MBA from INSEAD and graduate degrees in computer science and business from the University of Cambridge, the Ecole Centrale Paris and the University of Hamburg.

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Spencer Harrison

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, INSEAD

In his research work, Spencer Harrison focuses on how the leader creates the perfect framework for people to work creatively together. His work is focused on how to create optimal collaborative structures, and not least, he helps Fortune 100 companies find out, not just how their employees are getting better, but also how businesses can learn from their employees. Harrison has, among other things, conducted research projects in collaboration with companies such as Google, NASA and Black Diamond.

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