Scandinavian Faculty

Module 1 – Denmark or Norway

The Executive Board Programme INSEAD is a Scandinavian programme. The module 1 is held both in Oslo and Copenhagen.

In Norway, the course is conducted by Partners from the recognized law firm Wikborg Rein, who daily specialize on boardroom work. Moreover, you will meet professional board members and business leaders from Norway, who will inspire you on the dilemmas and new topics in the board room.

In Denmark the course is conducted by our experienced partner from the law firm Kromann Reumert, who will cover both Danish and Swedish legislation. Moreover, you will meet professional board members and business leaders from Sweden and Denmark who will inspire you on the latest must have board topics.

At INSEAD experienced and inspiring professors conduct the program. The lecturing at INSEAD is conducted in English.

On the Scandinavian Module you can among other meet…..

Bente Sollid Storehaug

Chair, Non-Executive Director, Advisor and Lecturer 

In the module 1 in Norway you will meet Bente Sollid Storehaug who is specialist on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. Bente will inspire you on the digital demands in the board room. How to balance short term and long-term focus and characteristics of successfully transformed digital companies and boards.

Liselotte Engstam

Non Executive Chairman and Board Director

In the module 1 in Denmark, you will meet Liselotte Engstam. Liselotte is an experienced international leader, chair, and non-executive board director focusing on company transformation and renewal, integrating topics such as Sustainability/ESG and AI into the board work, business strategies and operations.
Following her executive career in major global organisations, she has a decade of experience working on both listed and private company boards of digitally & sustainably transforming international businesses. She also engages in board-focused academic research, chairs board networks such as Boards Impact Forum, and is recognized in 2021 and 2022 as one of the top 100 in Modern Corporate Governance.

Faculty INSEAD

Stanislav Shekshnia

Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise and Programme Director

Stanislav Shekshnia is program director of Scandinavian Executive Institute’s board education programmes – Advanced Board Programme and Executive Board Programme.

He is Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD. For 10 years, Shekshnia has worked as an Executive and subsequently as an Entrepreneur in France, the USA, Russia and Central Europe.

Stanislav Shekshnia is the Programme Director of the board programmes Executive Board Programme and Advanced Board Programme. He is  a contributing faculty member at the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and the co-author of the book Leading a Board: Chairs’ Practices Across Europe.,

In this programme he will cover topics as: effective boards in action, governing executives – board management interaction, board structures and board composition.

Enrico Diecidue

Professor of Decision Sciences

Enrico Diecidue is a Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD.

Enrico Diecidue has since 2001 taught at INSEAD resp. in Singapore and in France. He was visiting professor at Wharton for a period of time.

Enrico researches and teaches decision making – how to make decisions when working with the parame- ters uncertainty and risk. Via cases and tasks, Enrico Diecidue also communicates how to optimise the choice between individual and collective decisions.


As a starting point Diecidue looks at how a group works and reacts to difficult decisions. Throughout the class his teaching is based upon his research, proven data and cases. Diecidue has won teaching awards at both INSEAD and Wharton.

Lily Hua Fang

Professor of Finance INSEAD


Lily Fang is a Professor of Finance at INSEAD and the holder of the AXA Chair in Financial Market Risk. Professor Fang joined INSEAD in 2003. She is currently based in the European campus, after having spent twelve years in the Asian campus. Professor Fang’s primary research interest is financial market infor- mation and investment strategies.

At INSEAD Professor Fang teaches corporate finance, capital markets, valuation, private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurial finance in the MBA, EMBA, and Executive Education programmes.

Lily Fang will focus on the fundamentals of value creation – what value creation means, boiled down to key metrics; and how executives and the board can play a key role by focusing on the right things.