Board of Directors

Kim Henry Jensen

Board Member

Kim Henry Jensen has been a member of the board of the Scandinavian Executive Institute since May 2021. Kim is Head of Customer Economics at and a member of the management. Currently, he is chairman of the board of and BeGin CPH and has previously sat on the board of TravelpoolEurope and Ejendomsaktieselskabet from 22 June 1966.

Kim has extensive managerial experience and was previously head of FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) at Dagrofa and has held leading positions in, among others, Coop Danmark, BEC, Accura Advokatpartnerskab and Royal Arctic Line. Kim has special expertise in financial management, buying and selling of companies, project management, investment as well as negotiation and formulation of complex agreements.


– I have participated in both the top management program Executive Management Programme and the board program Executive Board Programme and I am also a regular participant for ten years in the learning network Executive Forum. This means that I have a very good knowledge of the Scandinavian Executive Institute and the business area, of which the company is a leading player. The collaboration with the internationally recognized business schools, INSEAD and IMD, is completely unique, and through this one manages to attract executives all over Scandinavia to a number of educational programs with a very high professional level. There is a major motivating factor in having the opportunity to work with this and contribute to the continuous development of the market within executive education. The Scandinavian Executive Institute has a market position that is “second-to-none”, and I look forward to helping us move even stronger at the Scandinavian level, both in order to spread the knowledge of all our executive educations and our executive network.

Søren Laursen

Chairman of the Board

Søren Laursen has since 2016 been a member of the board of Scandinavian Executive Institute. Søren has for six years been CEO of Finanssektorens Uddannelsescenter, which is an organization that provides education and consulting services to the entire financial sector in Denmark. He has previously been HR Director of Gumlink, is the founder of Loop Company and has also been CEO of Rice. He is also a member of the board of AV Form A/S and has for a number of years been a board member of Rice A/S.


– The Scandinavian Executive Institute is an exciting company with a unique concept and great potential. Together with a dedicated management and board I am passionate about development and ideas for continued growth. At the Scandinavian Executive Institute, we cooperate with some of the world’s leading business schools, which in itself is a unique foundation – and for me personally, it is very inspiring. Not least, I experience good synergies between the company and the competencies that I can contribute.

Jonna Runge

COO, Scandinavian Executive Institute 

Jonna Runge has been co-owner and COO at Scandinavian Executive Institute since 2015 after the company at the time acquired Business Kolding Institute.

As COO of the Scandinavian Executive Institute, she is responsible for the day-to-day operations and execution of the company’s strategy, and in 2022 she joined the board. Jonna Runge has also previously been employed at Business Kolding Institute, where she, among other things, was an active part in establishing the collaboration with INSEAD in 2007.


– During these many years, the company has been on a very exciting journey, where I have continuously focused on optimizing the operational processes and – the last two years – in particular the company’s digital processes. It has been an extensive development project that has helped to support and create a really good platform for the customer journey and the further development of our educational programs. We have a strong brand, our company is in rapid development in both Denmark and Norway and in addition we have new markets in sight, which means that we have a really good basis for future growth.