Programme Overview

The Programme will improve your performance at your existing level

Strategy – Leadership – Communication

The Leadership Acceleration Programme consists of two onsite teaching modules – one in Kolding and one at IMD, Lausanne.

All teaching in each of the modules revolves around three key elements:

  • Knowledge – presenting the latest insights within the fields of leadership, strategy and communication, to give you a strong knowledge base
  • Skills – applying theory and tools to practical cases, to boost your execution skills
  • Personality – challenging your understanding of yourself, to make you a better leader

Lecturers provide close supervision when you and your fellow participants put your learning to the test in practical business cases, discussions and group work.

Dates and price

Programme Structure

The programme is designed for managers with a busy everyday life. Therefore, the teaching is focusing on providing specific tools and usable
knowledge to strengthen your performance right away. Theory is combined
with practice through current and relevant cases which easily relates to your own challenges.

In Denmark, the teaching is handled by leading and experienced business
specialists. At IMD in Switzerland, the teaching is handled by well known
IMD professors.

All teaching and material are in English.


Module 1

Applying the most recent strategic tools |  Efficient innovation processes |  Successful leadership in a changing world

The first module provides a common platform for strategy, innovation and leadership, which form the foundation for the rest of the programme with a practically based understanding of the most prevalent movements.

The module gives you a practical insight and concrete knowledge of
how to formulate and execute strategies in your own company.

Moreover, the learning is centered around the identification and understanding of the dynamics that exist in successful companies and how you implement similar mechanisms in your own company. You will receive a powerful set of tools that can strengthen the innovation process and transcend the barriers that block for valuable innovation.

The first module renders an insight into how modern leaders manage the contemporary leadership related challenges in the best possible way. Focus is especially set on change management and how you can create the framework for optimal personal performance, efficient communication and inspiring leadership.

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Kolding, Denmark
  • Subject: Strategy, Innovation, Leadership and Communication

Module 2

Strategy, Innovation and Personal Leadership

Module 2 focuses on creating an understanding on the leadership qualities required to make the company’s innovation and operation work side by side. You gain an understanding of the challenges modern leaders are facing, and with the insight into how different business models work you will be able to perform better and hence create greater value for the company.

Optimal operation and an optimal business model

We review the dilemma between creating optimal operation and innovation and is taught an approach that ensures optimal focus on both. We illuminate how the right business model can unleash a company’s potential focusing on the creation of the participants’ own business models. Finally, we look at change management and the elements needed to ensure successful implementation of change in the organisation.

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Subject: Strategy, Business Development and Leadership

Personal Leadership & Influence

The teaching focuses on leadership types and how your personality affects leadership.Together we look at strengths and weaknesses in the leadership role and examines the possibilities to influence others through communication.
Global competition in rapid change The digital revolution has already changed the conditions of competition radically and even some line of industries. But the development that many expected just a few years ago has shown itself to be much more complex and unpredictable than previously expected. In this session we look at how global competition is changing rapidly and a number of examples of this. Participants are given the opportunity to see, how their own industry is affected by global power struggles, where especially China has become a dominant player in some of the major technologies which we
expect the most from in the future.

Strategy Execution
No innovative strategy is stronger than its execution. Unfortunately, successful
strategy exectution is a much more difficult task than developing it. We take a
closer look at why future competitiveness becomes even more dependant on
being able to execute, especially digitally. Participants get valuable insights that help them succeed in executing the strategies in practice.

Certificate and a strong network

When you have finished the Program you will get:

  • A Certificate from IMD
  • Access to the Executive Forum, the Scandinavian Executive Institute’s exclusive network of top executives, executives and board members who have participated in one or more of our international education programs.
Learn more about the Executive Forum