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Five days in an international learning environment at INSEAD

With the Leading Strategic Change programme you get five days of concentrated teaching in an international learning environment at INSEAD. You are challenged and inspired by some of the world’s leading teachers.

Leading Strategic Change INSEAD is an intensive training program for executives and senior executives who want to become better at implementing ambitious strategy execution and transformation projects.

You will get inspiration, insight, knowledge and tools that will enable you to bring your company’s strategy execution initiatives and transformation projects to a high and ambitious level.
The program will give you the latest knowledge in strategy, strategy execution and transformation.


The first day gives you insight into how to effectively break down a strategy into value-creating initiatives for the relevant levels of the organization. In addition, you will gain knowledge about how to handle resistance to change.


On the second day of the program, you are introduced to a holistic model for self-evaluation of the organization’s readiness for strategy execution generated from a bottom-up process. You will be able to develop strategic initiatives involving all levels of the organization.


On day three, we will look more closely at the hidden barriers associated with the strategy execution. It is, among other things, about how to identify the hidden barriers and diagnose these, whether of a cultural, political or emotional nature – and of course how to overcome these barriers.


On the fourth day of the program you will be introduced to a model for how an organizational culture arises and which sources stimulate the development of culture. In addition, we will look more closely at how to achieve a culture of change.


The final day of the program will deal with how to activate both the formal and the informal networks within and outside the organization. Indeed, new strategic initiatives will often require these networks to be mobilized. The day will also offer insight into how to make its influence applicable at organizational, team and individual levels.

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How you benefit

The programme will give you the foundation for success with strategy implementation and transformation.

You will be able to:

  • Gain clarity on your strategic challenge. Come with a heightened awareness of your strategic aspirations and challenges and leave with a more realistic, actionable plan of execution
  • Prepare realistic plans for execution
  • Identify the hidden barriers in your organization. Gain new insights about the hidden barriers to strategic execution and how to overcome them
  • Understand the psychological dynamics between strategy execution practitioners and stakeholders
  • Build an actionable plan of execution. Acquire a deep understanding of how to get results from future strategic initiatives
Dates and fees

Strategy execution programme INSEAD


After participatin you will have access to the Executive Forum.

Executive Forum is current and inspiring Masterclasses for executives and board members who want continuous learning in their role as leaders and board members.

Each Masterclass gives you unique access to the latest research and the most current methods and theories. This will be delivered directly from some of the world’s leading business professors, from our educational partners, INSEAD and IMD.

We will provide you with relevant knowledge presented in a context that makes sense for your strategic and managerial work.

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