What does our previous customers think about our program

Kristine Martin Berg

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Obton

“The program has been both extremely exciting and inspiring. I have returned with many useful and tangible tools and methods that I can directly incorporate into my daily work. I have received a lot of positive input and many recommendations for what I can work on. In addition, I found that the teachers were tremendously skilled and open to sharing their knowledge with us. And not least: initiate discussions where the participants’ diverse challenges were also put into play. We really had some open-hearted and exciting talks with the teachers and the other participants, who represent vastly different industries. In addition, things are in very good control related to the program’s set-up as well as the surroundings and facilities, both at Hindsgavl Castle and at IMD in Switzerland. We were met by many positive and helpful people along the way.”


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Stefan Schultz Tiedemann

Business Excellence Manager, Royal Unibrew (Italy)

“The program was very well organized, and the variation between the more “practical” teachers in Denmark and the international professors at IMD in Switzerland worked perfectly well. I feel that I have gained a good overview and a 360-degree perspective within the disciplines of leadership, strategy, communication and innovation. And then there were some “dives” into other disciplines, which are very useful to me. The teachers were also good at linking theory with practice and also very responsive to the participants and open to dialogue and sparring. The most important learning for me – and elements that I can directly apply in my new role – relates to learning about personality profiles, and how to adapt your communication in different situations so that it works optimally. In addition, I have received very useful input on change management and innovation, which is extremely relevant related to the tasks I have in my new job. The idea is that I shall look at innovation and business opportunities related to our business here in Italy, and in this perspective the new learning will be very valuable.”

Brian Lorentzen

Strategic Marketing Director, STARCO

“I have been working with strategies for a number of years, but needed some theories put in place and gain insight into tangible and newer models that I can apply in relation to my strategy work. One of my other main motivators for participating in the LAP IMD was, that I was curius about the the latest news, get a ‘vitamin injection’, become more aware of my own strengths and weaknesses and how I can influence and develop them. The level of the education has been very high and it is hugely competent and updated professors one meets at the course. All in all an intense and well composed programme. In addition it is extremely rewarding to meet like-minded people who have experienced some of the same challenges as oneself”.


Three key-learnings I have brought back with me are: · The way I work with strategies has been updated through new and tangible methods which means I work quicker and more efficiently with the strategy process. · Working with innovation across the organisation has been a huge inspiration to me. · Discussing our strenghts and weaknesses with the fellow participants has given an enourmous personal insight.

Jacob Blomberg

CFO, Sydbank

“I needed to strengthen my professional and personal competencies with an international program in management, communication, strategy and digitisation, and with the Leadership Acceleration Program IMD, I had the opportunity to get an international management education, developed and held in collaboration with one of the most recognised business schools, IMD. I have had a tremendous benefit from the education, and a crucial element has been that IMD was the professional focal point for the education. The program has definitely lived up to my expectations and the level of professors has been really high, which has clearly been a significant motivating factor for me.”

Lasse Østergaard Nielsen

Regional Sales Director, Roblon

Lasse Østergaard Nielsen, Regional Sales Director at Frederikshavn-based Roblon, has completed the Leadership Acceleration Program IMD. – I have been sales manager for about ten years and along the way have participated in a number of sales management courses, but needed a higher level management training without it being as comprehensive as a full MBA. In short, I had a need to update my toolbox and be inspired by some skilled teachers, explains Lasse Østergaard Nielsen. He saw the study environment at the Swiss IMD as very positive.


IMD has just the quality I was looking for. I knew that IMD has a good reputation, and with the professional teaching environment I experienced, that they fully live up to this. Lasse Østergaard Nielsen saw that the combination of theories and practical examples and cases harmonized well. – The level is suitably high and ambitious, and this applies both in relation to the course of the weeks leading up to the IMD and the course of the IMD itself. You get well beyond your comfort zone without it getting too much. And then the professors and teachers, both in Switzerland and Kolding, are really good at conveying messages and drawing threads to business with practical cases, which make it all the more interesting. It is not theory for the sake of theory, but a good combination that allows you to apply things in practice, says the Roblon Sales Manager and continues: – I feel that we have come a long way and that I have filled my toolbox well. I am just currently doing a great deal of work to get the Chinese market going, and the program has definitely given me some useful strategies to succeed. In relation to the management part, I have gained many new inputs and new inspiration about conflict management and optimization of personal leadership style. I have really brought something home, and am extremely satisfied, ”concludes Lasse Østergaard Nielsen.

Jesper Nielsen-Terp

Director, Head of Treasury, Danish Commodities

Jesper Nielsen-Terp is Director, Head of Treasury at Danske Commodities, an energy trading house that has just become part of Equinor. – My background for participating in the Leadership Acceleration Program IMD was mainly to strengthen my strategic focus and my communication skills, says Jesper Nielsen-Terp and continues:


The fact that we were a group of people who were just from Scandinavia gave us a really good cohesion – also outside the classroom. I feel that the program has given me a lot in relation to strategic and communication, and not least module 2, where we had to hand in assignments via remote study every week. I really feel we got some assignments that gave a good connection between the theory and the practical work of daily life. Jesper Nielsen-Terp has just been involved in extensive strategy work internally in his company and points out that it has also been beneficial in this context to have participated in the management program. – Instead of inventing the deep dish myself, in this process I have made great use of the schematics, tools and models we were introduced to. So, it has definitely made strategy work easier and clearer. Compared to communication, it has also made a positive contribution. Here, too, I have been given a number of very good tools for listening and understanding, getting the other party to speak and not being afraid to “get to the point”, he concludes.